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People with addiction issues who’ve spent time in provincial prisons paint a bleak picture of what it’s like trying to recover while incarcerated. “I’ve done a lot of prison time over the years,” said Harry, a 44-year-old Nanaimo resident who asked to be referred to by his first name only.   Until about four years ago, […]

“Regardless of where somebody lives, we want to be able to get them [care] on time.” Kim Nguyen Chi When 74-year-old Linda Kerr was diagnosed with breast cancer last January, her only option was to make the more than six-hour-drive from Cranbrook to Kelowna — an arduous winter journey even in the best of health. Two […]

“These are substances that are incredibly lethal and incredibly addictive. And we, as part of decriminalization, haven’t put in any guardrails. None.” Ian Baillie In many ways, Rebecca Price-Baechle’s daughter is a typical seven-year-old. She goes to elementary school, takes gymnastics and has a family who loves her.  Unfortunately, that’s where her daughter and normal […]

In the latest twist to the land stewardship power-struggle unfolding in the northern interior, Simpcw First Nation unilaterally declared the Raush Valley an Indigenous protected area, a move B.C.’s resource stewardship minister said doesn’t change land use but does signal “the beginning of a conversation.” “With self-declared [Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas], they’re often the beginning […]

“The situation is dire, and it is not safe for patients… people in this community are absolutely terrified.” Joanna Krynen Hank Krynen was a tough old cowboy near Williams Lake, who at the age of 90 was still chucking around 50-pound bales of hay to feed his horses.  When he got shingles last year, he […]