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Two First Nations choose own path on old growth

News Feature

Written By Fran Yanor

A year and a half after the New Democrat government recommended logging deferrals in almost 3 million hectares of B.C.’s old growth forests, two northern interior First Nations are still bristling at the “unilateral” process, saying they’ll participate in forestry management discussions, but the final decision will be theirs. “The province … [announced] they were […]

“The situation is dire.” Danette Thomsen Health workers from B.C.’s North are raising the alarm at staggering over capacity in hospitals, lengthy wait times, burnt out staff and declining conditions for patients. The University Hospital of Northern B.C. in Prince George recently hit 125 per cent over capacity, with the Emergency Room short-staffed and the […]

“There’s no longer ‘business as usual,’ when it comes to doing [projects] within our territory.” Judy Desjarlais A new ground-breaking agreement between the B.C. government and Blueberry River First Nations will initiate “significant” change in land stewardship and resource development across the province, signalling it’s no longer business as usual, according to agreement signatories. “In […]

Dawson Creek residents combat crime ‘crisis’

News Feature

Written By Rob Shaw

“We’re all law-abiding citizens who have had enough.” Tygh Lardner The eighth time thieves broke into his property, Dwaine Dilworth had had enough. He’d been running Glacier Mobile Glass in Dawson Creek for 14 years, with few thefts. But in the last few months, his company van was stolen, his equipment ransacked, and the fence […]