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Smaller communities up and down British Columbia aren’t getting their fair share of drug treatment options, safe supply services or equitable decriminalization, and it’s costing lives in the ongoing overdose crisis, according to a new report by an all-party legislature committee. MLAs from the BC Greens, Liberals and NDP spent seven months studying the more […]

A week before several RCMP vehicles policing the Coastal GasLink project were destroyed by arson, the Wet’suwet’en group opposed to the pipeline called on activists and anarchists to help stop its construction. “Evidence clearly demonstrates that whoever did this, did this with the sole intent of damaging the police vehicles,” said RCMP North Division Chief […]

Code Grey: Rural health shortages began long before pandemic

News Feature

Written By Spencer Hall,

Special from, part two of Code Grey, a series on the state of health care in northeast B.C. The critical shortage of health care staff affecting the province doesn’t just include nurses and hospital staff and it began in rural communities long before the pandemic. While some suggest staffing shortages in Northern B.C. are primarily […]